The R&B Project

Acoustic Duo

Randy and Barb (R&B) have been playing in the Bay area for over 25 years. During Covid they both wanted to get back into music. One of their Mutual friend put them together again and together and  The R&B Project was created. Finding they have very compatible  voices with both able to  sing harmony and melody. They started out picking songs to show case just that. Randy plays the guitar and Barb  plays percussion, Keyboard and Melodica  to accompany their sound.  They utilize  a state of the art Rhythm peddle. This provides a great beat to drive the songs that people want to dance to.  Top professional sound equipment (size determined on each venue's size and needs)   They have been playing at local venues, Festivals, Private parties etc for the past 2 years and enjoying every bit of it. Their era of music is from 60's through Current . Playing Classic rock, Country, Motown, and other genre's. Check us out!

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