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We are  Randy and Barb of The R&B Project. We are both seasoned musicians that have been playing in the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years. We both sing both melody and harmonies. Randy plays the guitar and Barb  plays Keyboard, percussion and Melodica to accompany our sound.  We also use a state of the art Rhythm peddle. This provides a great beat to drive the songs that people want to dance to.  We use NO BACKING TRAKS  we are totally live except for our Steady Eddy drummer. We use top professional sound equipment (size determined on each venue's size and needs) We play music from 60's up to current. (See our song list).  Give us a listen (video page). Hope to see you out and about soon.  Check out our GIGS page!



Randy had been playing music for over 40 years in this area and PA. This includes local bands and studio work with many famous artists. He has been playing in this area for over 20 years with many local bands, duos and solo.  Randy's guitar playing is often mistaken as a back track because of the sounds he can get out of his Taylor!  You won't be disappointed!



 Barb has been singing in local bands in this area for about 20 years. Singing lead and harmonies. She started out singing at local churches (Started the Salvation Saloon Posse Band) and moved to secular music and has never looked back. She has played in local bands, 4 piece, Trio, and duos. She has a very soultri voice and loves what she does. Again, you won't be disappointed !